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Design for Designer

We create a different kind of space saving solutions applies to Den, Living Room, Bedroom even Kitchen. We design a multi-function furniture complex using our smart furniture mechanism part as a reference to the designer for the real estate project. We will also cooperate with our consignment furniture store to provide real estate developers or interior designers with overall furniture supply solutions.

Design for Designer
Free 3D Rendering Design

Just send us the measurements and a couple of photos of your room, we will have a 3D design of your area completely free of charge. This render will help you visualise your room from different perspectives as well as space optimisation.

You don’t have to imagine anymore, the professional team here at Spave is here to help you!

Just click on the button start to design.

3D Rendering
Mix & Match

We have more than 10 colors for your choice. You can mix two or more colors for the furniture to match your home style. Our design team will create 3D rendering for your Mix & Match.

Select your favorite colour from the world-famous laminate manufacturer.

Click the "FORMICA" icon to search your colour sample

Mix & Match
Certified Installation Warranty

We have been manufacturing and designing wall-beds for over 7 years using cutting-edge technology. Our high-quality and resistant beds are manufactured using 40 and 55 mm torsion-constructed TFL with melamine together with a 1 to 2 mm PVC edging which makes them robust and extremely durable.

Have your Wallbed installed by one of our certified installers and receive a 3 years warranty.

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High Tech Material

FINSA’S antibacterial premium panel products contribute to cleaner spaces and healthier living. They are designed to reduce the bacteria living on surfaces. With new textures, exclusive fashion-forward European designs, and antibacterial finish, thermal-fused melamine Finsa boards are a new generation of melamine panels.

High Tech Material
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High-Quality Custom Made

Our OEM factory locates in Richmond, BC. The factory covers an area of 15,000 square feet and is equipped with advanced machinery and equipment. Our production line can provide customized products for various designs

custom made
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